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Ethanolic extract of Clerodendrum serratum Linn.,leaves (EECS) were evaluated for analgesic activity using Tail flick test and Acetic acid induced Writhing test. EECS at 250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg were treated for 7 days and compared with diclofenc sod. 10 mg/kg single dose administered on 7th day before one hour of taking result. EECS at 250 mg/kg and EECS 500 mg/kg treated group showed highest significant (p<0.001) increase in latency time in tail flick test and protected no of writhing at 25.27% and 32.74% respectable. Both were comparable with standard diclofenc sod. 10 mg/kg. in both test models. The results of the present study support the folklore use of this plant in pain


Clerodendrum serratum Linn Analgesic activity Tail flick test Acetic acid induced Writhing test

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Saha, D., Talukdar, A., Das, T., S. K , G., & Rahman, H. (2012). EVALUATION OF ANALGESIC ACTIVITY OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF CLEODENDRUM SERRATUM LINN LEAVES IN RATS . International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Sciences, 2(6), 33-37. Retrieved from