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Chemical preservation has become an increasingly important in modern food technology and herbal medicinal products with the increase in the production of processed and convenience product. The preservatives are delibe- rated added to stop or to delay nutritional losses due to the microbiological, enzymatic or chemical changes. Thus increases in shelf life and in order to protect the public health. In the present study, TLC method for determination of preservatives such as benzoic acid by using mobile phase ethanol: ammonia (9:1). The Rf value of benzoic acid was found to be 0.34 in tomato ketchup. On the extensive literature survey, revealed that several method have been reported that there is no TLC method have been reported for the determination of preservatives present in tomato ketchup.


Benzoic acid preservatives tomato ketc

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V, S., & VS , T. V. (2017). N Determination of benzoic acid preservatives present in tomato ketchup by TLC . International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Sciences, 7(1), 1-3. Retrieved from