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The present study was designed to evaluate the anti-urolithiatic activity of Abutilon indicum (L) extract in ethylene glycol (EG) and Vit. D3 induced urolithiasis in rats. The protective effective of Abutilon indicum (L) extract was studied in dose dependent manner by using 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg against ethylene glycol (EG) and Vit. D3 induced urolithiasis in rats for 28 days. The antiurolithiatic effect was evaluated by accessing parameters like calcium, sodium, potassium, oxalate, inorganic phosphate; creatinin, blood urea nitrogen and uric acid were estimated in both serum and urine by using commercial diagnostic kits. The activity was also evaluated by estimating tissue antioxidants and histopathological changes in the kidney. Serum and urinary levels of calcium, oxalate and blood urea, blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinin level were found to be decreased significantly in groups pre-treated with Abutilon indicum (L) extract. The animals treated with test drug showed much improvement in physical parameters like body weight, urine volume and pH of urine. Histopathology of kidney showed almost normal kidney architecture in treated groups compared to disease control rats. Abutilon indicum (L) extract has possessed a significant antiurolithiatic activity by restoring the normal biochemical and histopathological features in ethylene glycol (EG) and Vit. D3 induced urolithiasis in rats.


Urolithiasis antioxidants ethylene glycol anti-calcifying

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Pullaiah, C. P., GV, N. K., P, V. R. M., S, D., D, R., & B, P. K. (2016). SUPPLEMENTATION OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF ABUTILON INDICUM (L) SWEET PREVENTS UROLITHIASIS IN EXPERIMENTAL RATS. International Journal of Pharmacometrics and Integrated Biosciences, 1(1), 7-13. Retrieved from